Who Can Handle Drainage Problems At Commercial Facilities

After a steady downpour of rain, you may begin to notice several drainage issues on your property. Water being the fluid substance it is will flow down the easiest path and will accumulate itself overtime if not treated properly and quickly. Commercial properties often have serious water lodging issues when the landscaping is not done correctly. As a commercial facility owner, you do not have to handle most of the services yourself as that can result to more damages. But, you must be careful the company you hire for the service.

What you should know about the drainage

Water that becomes stale in one place eventually becomes contaminated and leads to mold buildup. As much as plants need water to survive, if the water is not properly drained, roots can begin to suffocate. Soil compaction is also a problem as weight is added to the soil by absorbing too much water and this could ruin your garden or lawn which leads to more damage. Drainage problems can also affect your home not only on the exterior but also in the interior. Since water finds the easiest route, collected water can lead to leaks which cost valuable money and time to repair.

Find out about the drainage problems associated with commercial properties

Some of the problems drainage issue can cause on commercial property include:

  • Drowning plants and dead roots
  • Soil Compression
  • Mosquito Breeding
  • Building Damage
  • Paved Surfaces
  • Water traps

Now you are aware of the danger drainage issues pose to commercial property, how are these issues solved?

It is very important to fix drainage issues as soon as they start because they lead to more extensive damage which would have cost lesser to fix if it had been done sooner. Here are several ways that could save you from spending lots of money on drainage:

Hire the best team to handle your drainage

Fixing faulty irrigation zones is always a good way to avoid drainage . Other drainage solutions include rain gardens and dry creek beds. Landscape professionals can always be on the lookout for drainage problems as they maintain your property, so as to avoid extra costs on your budget.


As soon as you notice the slightest issue of drainage, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand and becomes a burden.

The Excavating Tools a Professional Landscaper Should Own

In landscaping, not every landscaping tools need complex, high-tech machines. Majority of landscaping hand tools are surprisingly simple. You may need a bunch of manual used landscaping tools, including trowels, shovels and a lot more.


A shovel is one of the most simple garden tools out there and you’ll probably use it all the time for digging holes, so you want to get one of good quality. Although wood-handled shovels work fine, most landscapers prefer a fiberglass or steel handle for commercial work. A shovel is usually an excellent tool to splurge a bit on for improved quality. It’s advisable to use a shovel with a head made from stainless steel. It’s light, durable, and easy to clean. It’s also good practice to sharpen your shovel a few times each year.  


For tougher jobs such as moving soil, gravel, compost, or mulch, use a steel headed rake . The lighter leaf rake is used for leaves, twigs, and similar lightweight debris.  Wooden handles are also just as fine for both types of rakes.

Pruning Shears

These are typically used to remove branches. Generally, hand-powered pruning shears can cut through branches up to one-inch thick. For anything larger, you’ll want gas or electric-powered shears. Always ensure that there is a power source for your electric powered shear.

Not all tools used in commercial landscaping are simple hand tools. You’ll also make use of some power tools, too.  While you don’t want to exhaust your funds, it’s usually a good investment to buy good-quality power tools. Well-made tool work more conveniently and are less likely to break down. Always choose power tools from large, well-established brands. It’s easier to find replacement parts if anything happens. Power tools are either gas or battery-powered. They are mostly preferred because they are more quieter and they are much more powerful compared to simple hand tools.

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower might just be the most powerful piece of equipment. As much it is expensive, putting a chunk of your budget for a lawn mower can be a good investment in several ways. A high quality lawn mower allows you to complete work faster and efficiently. And, it also helps convey an image of expertise. For professional use, you want a blade with a diameter of 30” or more. Anything smaller will prevent you from mowing quickly. Plus, smaller mowers usually break down easier and generally require more maintenance.  

Grass Trimmer

This is often used  to tackle weeds and grasses. It’s used to provide a finishing edge against trees, sidewalks, and other lawn features. Just like lawnmowers, trimmers are either gas or electric powered.

Tasks That Commercial Lawn Maintenance Firms Should Handle

Commercial lawn maintenance firms have a lot of jobs they handle for clients. Lawn maintenance services are handled by a trained team of experts. These are the experts that know the job and will be ready to give in their best for clients. When you want to hire a commercial lawn company for a job, you must confirm the possible tasks the company handles. Make sure that you learn about the services the company handle.

Below are the services the lawn maintenance firms handle are listed below:

Snow removal services 

Commercial lawn maintenance companies handle snow removal services. Bad weather should not be the reason you will not move around your compound. Also, the snow on your lawn should not be the reason you will not attend to your business. The company is ready to clear out the lot and keep it safe. This the company normally does through snow plowing service.

Lawn clean up services from commercial lawn firms

The commercial lawn maintenance firms offer people an opportunity to keep their lawn clean. One of the services they offer is clean up. They will make sure that your lawn is clean by clearing up the leaves, debris, and branches. Since the company has the required machinery and equipment to clean up your lawn, they can do the job at ales time.

Lawn weed control services

Green grasses are often seen growing taller during the spring, making the lawn look dirty. To help keep your lawn clean and tidy, the company the commercial lawn maintenance firms do engage in weed control. They will make sure that they take control of the weeds on the commercial property. So, whether it is a hotel, estate, or other commercial property, the commercial lawn maintenance company will do a perfect job for you. They will make use of their technological tools to give your lawn a beautiful look.

Snow and ice management services

One more task the commercial lawn maintenance companies handle is ice and snow management. They make sure that the lawn is cleaned up and free from ice and snow with their top machines. This is one of the tasks that demand the service of a big commercial lawn maintenance company.


There is more to the commercial lawn maintenance company’s tasks than mentioned here. They are responsible for emergency snow removal, snow plowing, and more. You can check the official site of the company to know the job they do.

Best Approaches For Weed Control on Commercial Properties

Are you one a commercial property owner? If yes, you don’t need to worry about the best way to manage weeds. Weeds on the lawn and in landscaping can mess up the work that has taken a lot of money to maintain. Spring is the time when grasses grow faster and taller. That means those managing the property will face a lot of challenges. With the longer days in the spring and more sunshine comes, the plants will start growing better and taller. You will learn about the best approaches for wee control on commercial property when you read to the end of this article.

Trim the grasses on the lawn 

There are many approaches for weed control, which you can use on the commercial property. Mowing your lawn to the right height is the practice you should always maintain. It is what you need to make sure that grasses in the commercial property do not grow out of control. The lawn maintenance company will help to trim and maw your lawn. That is one of the ways to keep the grasses under control without having to spend a lot of money.

Make use of the pre-emergent herbicides

Prevention is always better than cure. That is why you should endeavor to take advantage of the pre-emergent herbicides on your commercial property. It is what you need to make sure that the lawn in your commercial property. This is the chemical that will help you stop the seeds from germinating and sprouting. It is the solution that can help you keep the grasses, which are the unwanted plants.

Make use of the post-emergent herbicide

 Another weed control you need in your commercial property is the post-emergent herbicides. It is the wee control that kills plants by disrupting their growth processes. When you apply this treatment to your commercial property, you will be sure to keep weeds away. Do your best to avoid the weeds causing trouble or compromising the beauty of your lawn.

Consider using selective herbicides

When you have green grasses and see weeds taking over the place, the best answer is selective herbicides. The treatment will help to kill all the plants in your commercial property irrespective of their types. So, you can keep weeds away when you make use of this treatment on your lawn.


Go on and get the right treatment for your lawn, and you will not worry again about weeds. You will not for any reason have to worry about weeds when you have the best approach to keep them under control.

A Property Manager’s Guide To Landscape And Lawn Care

Lawn care and landscaping are the two tasks required for the curb appeal of residential and commercial properties. Landscaping maintenance makes a property attractive and desirable for many people. So, when you have a rental property, it is necessary to consider investing in landscaping and lawn care to attract higher bidders to your property. Finding the best property manager’s guide to landscape and lawn care is essential in enhancing property value. So, it necessary that you for the property manager that can guide you through the processes involved.

The property managers are aware of the need for proper landscaping maintenance. They know that landscaping is one of the most essential to invest when it comes to landscaping. So by learning the tips maintenance guide, you will understand how to handle lawn care and landscaping.

Go for the native plants

Lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping are essential for your property. To give your property the beauty and attractive look you desire, you need to invest more in the native plant. The plant must be suitable for the soil condition in your property. Also, the good thing with the native plants is that they require less maintenance compared to the other plants used in landscaping and lawn decoration. So, with the plant native to its environment will save you from spending more to maintain it.

The Hardscape is preferable to Grasses

Property managers, looking to enhance the curb appeal of their property and reduce the cost of maintenance and time need hardscape rather than grass. Making use of hardscape features like patios, walkways, or pavers will save you time and cost. It is also what you need to get extra space for your property.

Go for the landscape fabric

You must make use of the landscape fabric to give your property the beauty appeal you desire. The property manager looking to reduce the tedious tasks in property maintenance and management can go for the landscape fabric. The good thing with the weed-control fabric is that it helps to keep the weeds within the bay. But, you should rather make use of the fabric when you want to plan the annual plants. The use of weed control and fabric as well as mulching will help you to get the best out of your option.

Regular mulching is essential

Mulching is the process involved in adding materials like bark, shredded leaves, sawdust wood chips, and more to the surface of your landscape. Mulching is one of the most essential in landscaping as a property manager.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Lawn Care Service To Handle Landscaping

Landscape maintenance and lawn care are the two different services that require special attention. These services are combined to achieve a curb appeal of a property. But there are a lot of differences between lawn care and landscaping, which you need to know to avoid making mistakes. Also, make use of lawn care service to handle landscaping may not end well. That is what made it necessary that you take time to learn more about landscape maintenance and lawn care.

What you should know about lawn care 

Lawn care has to do with regular tasks involved in caring for the lawn. The routine service that needs to be done on the lawn includes edge, trimming, fertilizing, weed removal, and more. There is also watering and mowing involved in lawn care. You need these services to give your lawn a new look and curb appeal. That is what made it necessary that you ahead and hire the best team for lawn service today.

Facts about landscaping you need to know

Landscaping has to with planning, converting, and designing a portion into an elegant ambiance. Landscaping gives you an opportunity to make the exterior part of your property attractive to the customers, visitors, and anyone coming into your business. The jobs involved in landscaping include caring for plants and plantations. Also, landscaping has to do with hardscaping as well as installation of structures such as patios, walkways, decks, pavers, pools, fountains, and other added decorations.

The pros of using lawn care for landscaping

It is necessary to plan ahead for landscaping service. Hiring the right team for landscaping will give you an opportunity to enjoy environmental benefits, health benefits, economic benefits, and more. You can make use of law care to carry out landscaping and that comes with pros, which include:

  • Time-saving
  • Consistent schedule
  • Availability of required equipment.

The cons of using the lawn care service to handle landscaping

Since lawn care is different from landscaping, there is a need to hire the right expert for each job. The cons of using lawn service to handle landscaping include;

  • Lack of flexibility
  • High labor cost
  • High product cost
  • Incapability to handle the landscaping job
  • Inefficient landscaping job.


It is necessary that you hire a lawn care company for lawn care service. Also, you need a landscaping company for landscaping service. The reason is to avoid complications that will lead to higher labor costs, inefficiency, and more.